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Haunting Soul is a Blazing Teens 4 Yoyo, its unknown if Haunting Soul has an owner.

Haunting Soul.jpg

Bio Data[]

  • Product No.: YW675607
  • Product Name: Haunting Soul
  • Product Brand: Blazing Teens 4
  • Applicable to: 8 Years
  • Trapeze Width: 26.74mm
  • Longest Revolving Time: About 9 Mins
  • Diameter: 54.01mm
  • Weight: About 65g
  • Bearing System: Groove KonKave Bearing
  • Material: Aerometal
  • Body Shape: Butterfly
  • Width: 38.76mm



  • Its unique features was the Yoyo faces; one side have a skull-like picture and the other side have a printed "Haunting Soul" tilting to left with the Auldey logo on the top.
  • Haunting Soul's Yoyo plate is actually bigger than on the picture, and the white seen on the picture is actually blue.