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Jacky is a character in Blazing Teens 3 and Blazing Teens 4. He is the captain of Blazing Team

Bio Data[]

  • Name: Jacky
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 15 Years
  • Role: Blazing teams Captain
  • Techniques: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Excel in: 1A - 5A
  • Hobby: YoYo, and Soccer
  • Yoyos: Thunder, Avalanche, Ice Spirit, Icicle, Fire bird


A very good soccer player, but one dday, his leg got beaten up by a car and couldn't move at all, so he changed to YoYo and made it a sport saying that it is just like soccer or basketball.


From Class 1 to Grade 8, the Captain of Blazing Team. As his parents are often busy at work, he is cared and restrained by his sister who is good at the piano. He loves football since childhood, but he hurt his left foot in a race and loses confidence. During the period for medical care on bed, he tastes the magic of Yoyo and determines to develop in this world. Through hard training, he becomes one of the best all-around Yoyo master in the country. However, he is unsatisfied with it, bun constantly studies on innovation in game plays and gets unsatisfactory results. By a chance, he meets Liam and becomes friend and tutor with him in quarrels. Under the influence of Liam's optimistic character, Jacky understands that the real fun of Yoyo is not only in challenges with techniques, but also a group for exercise.