Blazing Teens Wiki

Photon is a Blazing Teens Yo-yo owned by Liam.


Bio Data[]

  • Product No.: YW675105
  • Product Name: Photon
  • Product Brand: Blazing Teens 3
  • Applicable to: 8 Years
  • Effective On-string Width: 22.38mm
  • Maximum Rotation Time: About 10 Minutes
  • Maximum Diameter: 54.1mm
  • Weight: About 71g
  • Reverse System: D-ring
  • Sphere Width: 36.1mm
  • Bearing System: Groove KonKave Bearing
  • Sphere: Butterfly Shape, Plastic Ball Metal Ring


With the newly designed super-spinning outer ring system, powerful spinning can be ensured at any angle or when the Yo-yo ball is contacting with any object. You can also put the Yo-yo ball on any part of our body to show unique game plays. It is a kind of innovative product.


  • The only Yo-yo which have a revolving outer ring.