Thunder S is Yoyo from Blazing Teens 3 that's owned by Liam. 
Thunder S

Bio DataEdit

  • Product No.: YW675201
  • Product Name: Thunder S/ Lightning S
  • Product Brand: Blazing Teens 3
  • Applicable to: 8 Years
  • Trapeze Width: 33mm
  • Longest Revolving Time: About 5 Mins
  • Diameter: 54.2mm
  • Weight: About 64g
  • Reverse System: D-Ring
  • Width: 38.4mm
  • Bearing System: Ball Bearing
  • Sphere: Butterfly, Plastic Ball


A plastic ball with the side bearing function popular in Blazing Teens 2 with good performance, suitable for primary players to exercise Trapeze game play.